Gulliver in Lilliput

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Gulliver In Lilliput

Once there was a ………. such tiny people.

Translation : एक बार गुलिवर नाम का एक नाविक रहता था। वह अपने साथी नाविकों के साथ लंबी यात्रा पर निकला। एक दिन समुद्र में भयंकर तूफान आया। उसका जहाज डूब गया लेकिन गुलिवर तैरकर पास के द्वीप पर चला गया। इसे लिलिपुट कहा जाता था। जब वह वहाँ पहुँचा तो वह बहुत थका हुआ था। वह जल्दी ही सो गया, जब वह सो रहा था, तो सैकड़ों बहुत छोटे लोग वहाँ आए और उसे रस्सियों से बांध दिया। जब वह उठा तो इतने छोटे-छोटे लोगों को देखकर वह हैरान रह गया।

He soon became ……….. to shake hands.

Translation : जल्द ही उनकी उनसे दोस्ती हो गई। उन्होंने रस्सियों को खोल दिया और उसे भोजन दिया। उनकी रोटियाँ इतनी छोटी थीं कि उसने एक बार में दस रोटियाँ खा लीं। दोपहर के भोजन के लिए उसने एक हजार रोटियां, एक सौ फूलगोभी और एक सौ भेड़ें खाईं। छोटे लोग उसे अपने राजा और रानी के पास ले गए। राजा का हाथ इतना छोटा था कि गुलिवर को हाथ मिलाने के लिए केवल एक उंगली का इस्तेमाल करना पड़ा।

Everything was so ………… him ‘Good Bye!’

Translation : सब कुछ इतना छोटा था कि वह लिलिपुट के नन्हे-मुन्नों में एक दैत्य के समान था। ये छोटे लोग बहुत दयालु और मददगार थे। उन्होंने उसके लिए एक नाव बनाई। गुलिवर के घर जाने का समय हो गया था। वह अपने दोस्तों को छोड़ते हुए दुखी था। छोटे लोगों ने उसे हाथ हिलाकर ‘अलविदा’ ! कहा , वह नाव में चढ़ गया और रवाना हो गया |


Comprehension Question

Q.1 : Answer the following questions:

a. What was the name of the sailor?

Ans: The name of the sailor was Gulliver.

b. Name the island Gulliver reached after the storm.

Ans: Lilliput was the island where Gulliver reached after the storm.

c. What were the people of Lilliput like?

Ans: The people of Lilliput were very tiny.

d. What did Gulliver eat for lunch?

Ans: Gulliver ate a thousand loaves of bread, a hundred cauliflower and a hundred sheep at lunch.

e. According to you, what was the funniest thing about the people of Lilliput?

Ans: The funniest thing about the people of Lilliput was that they tied Gulliver with very thin ropes.

Q.2 : Correct the following sentences and rewrite them:

wrong sentencecorrect sentence
Gulliver was a pilot.Gulliver was a sailor.
Gulliver tied the tiny people.Gulliver was tied up by the tiny people.
The tiny people were not helpful.The tiny people were very helpful.
The king made a boat for Gulliver.The tiny people made a boat for Gulliver.

Word Power :

Q.1 : Words having the same pronunciation but different meanings are called homophones. Use the following homophones in sentences of your own to bring out the difference in meaning:

eight : There are eight rooms in our school.
ate : He ate all the mangoes.
tail : A fox cannot hide its tail.
tale : She was like a princess in a fairy tale.
know : I know the facts.
no : There are no toilet in the playground.
whole : He read the whole book in one day.
hole : he drilled holes in the wall.
write : I want to write a letter.
right : I gave him the right answer.
see : I want to see you again.
sea : The sea water tasted salty.

Language Practice :

Q.1 : Frame questions for the given statements using what, when, why and where. One is done for you:

a. Akshay plays hockey in the evening.
When does Akshay play hockey?
b.Shalu’s box is in her bag.
Where is Shalu’s box?
c. Varun likes to play football.
What does Varun like to play?
d. Ashi went to the market to buy vegetables.
Where did Ashi go to buy vegetables?
e. Reeta will be at her uncle’s house.
Where will rita be?

Q.2 : Read the passage and answer the following questions:

There was a parrot named Mitthu. Mitthu loved to eat green chillies. It loved to fly. It had beautiful green feathers and a red beak.

Q.1- What was the name of the parrot?

Ans: The name of the parrot was Mitthu.

Q.2- What did it love to eat?

Ans: It loved to eat green chillies.

Q.3- What was the colour of its beak?

Ans: The colour of its beak was red.

Activity :

Making a cup of tea

Complete the composition with the help of the words given in the box:

sip, boil, water, strainer, milk, tea, sugar, stove

Pour water in a kettle. Place the kettle on the stove. When the water boil, add tea-leaves to it. Now add sugar and let it boil. Add milk and boil for few more minutes. Now the tea is ready to serve. Take a strainer and pour the tea into the cup. Now enjoy the sip.


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