In The Zoo

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In The Zoo

Exercise ( अभ्यास )
Comprehension Questions :

Q.1 : Answer the following questions :

(a) What was the weather like ?

Ans:  The weather was cloudy .

(b) Where was the giraffe ?

Ans:  The  giraffe was near the fence .

(c) Which animal has a long neck ?

Ans:  The giraffe has a long neck .

(d) What were the monkeys doing ?

Ans:  The monkeys were swinging up and down the trees .

(e) Where was the lion ?

Ans:  The lion was in front of its den .

(f) Name the animals who have stripes on their bodies ?

Ans:  Mother zebra , father zebra and baby zebra have stripes on their bodies .

(g) Was the deer in front of the tree or behind the tree ?

Ans:  The deer was behind the tree .

(h) Where the birds sitting on the tree ?

Ans:  No, the birds were flying over the trees .

(c) What was the baby zebra doing ?

Ans:  The baby zebra was playing between the mother zebra and father zebra .

Word Power :

Q.1 : Circle the odd one out . One has been done for you :

(a)  peacock   parrot   sparrow   monkey

(b)  sun  tree   moon   star

(c)  lily   rose   jasmine   grapes

(d)  lion   tiger   sheep   elephant

(e)  brother   chair   sister   mother

(f)  fish   camel   turtle   crocodile 

Language Practice :

Q.1 : Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks with correct preposition :

(a).  Is the dog sitting on the table ?

No , it is sitting under the table .

(b). Is the girl standing behind the television ?

No , she is standing in front of the television .

(c). Is the cat sitting under the box ?

No , it is sitting on the box .

(d). Is the girl standing in front of the car ?

No , she is standing behind the car .

(e). Is the bird sitting in the box ?

No , it is sitting between the two boxes .


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