The Ant And The Dove

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The Ant And The Dove

Exercise ( अभ्यास )
Comprehension Questions :

Q.1 : Answer the following questions :

(a) Where did the ant go and why ?

Ans:  The ant went to a river to drink water .

(b) How did the dove save the little ant ?

Ans: The eagle dropped a big leaf into the water. After climbing the leaf, the ant arrived on the banks of the river.

(c) Who wanted to kill the dove ?

Ans:  A hunter wanted to kill the dove

(d) Why did the ant bite the hunter ?

Ans: Ant bites the hunter to save the dove .

(e) What is the moral of the story ?

Ans: We should help each other .

(f) Have you ever been in trouble like the ant ? Did anyone help you ?

Ans:  Yes , My friend Ramesh helped me .

Q.2 : Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statement :

a.  The little ant was very hungry .         F

b.  The ant fell into the water                  T

c.   The ant saw a hunter .                       T

d.   The dove was killed .                         F

e.  The ant  climbed up the tree              F

f.  The ant and the dove did not help each other      F

Word Power :

Q.1 : Complete the grid with the hints given below :

Ans: Answers are being given Complete yourself.

Eight , Beaks , Teeth , Camel , White , Paper , Sweet , Tears , Eagle 

Language Practice :

Q.1 : Complete the following sentences using the past tense of the given verbs :

a. Alok left the job last month .

b. Priti lost her pen in the school .

c. Barkha finished her homework at 5 o’clock .

d. Sunil kept his books on the table yesterday . 


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