The Clever Farmer

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The Clever Farmer

Comprehension Questions

Ques (1) :Answer the following questions:

(a): Where did the farmer live?

Ans: The farmer was lived on the hillside.

(b): Which type of farming is done on the hillside?

Ans: The farmers do terrace farming on the hillside.

(c): Why was the tall man angry?

Ans: The farmer himself took all the wheat as it grew above the ground and the tall man got only the roots, so he was angry.

(d): Who pleased the tall man and how?

Ans: The farmer pleased the tall man. The farmer agreed to give all that part of the crop that grew above the ground.

(e): Who was cleverer the farmer or the tall man? Give reasons.

Ans: The farmer was cleverer because every time he fooled the tall man with his wisdom.

(f): The farmer bought a pair of bullocks

(i) a pair of cows
(ii) a pair of bullocks
(iii)a pair of buffaloes
(iv) a pair of horses

(g): Name two crops which grow above the ground and below the ground.

Ans: Above the ground crops are rice, mustard. Below the ground crops are potatoes and sweet potatoes.


Ques (1) : Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box:

clever, fooled, crop, sowed, pair

a. The farmer sowed seeds in the soil.
b. He taught his dog some clever tricks
C. The rice crop was damaged by the flood this year.
d. Rohan purchased a pair of gloves from the market.
e. I am not going to be fooled once again by the shopkeeper.

Language Practice

Ques (1) : Fillin the blanks with correct helping verbs (is/am/are):

a. This is Mrs. Cow’s classroom.
b. Two bunny rabbits are sitting on the first bench.
c. The calf-elephant is sitting on the last bench.
d. “I am the monitor,” says the puppy.
e. The piglet and the cub are punished by Mrs. Cow.
f. They are punished for not doing their homework.
g. Mrs. Cow is writing alphabets on the board.
h. “I am sorry,” says the kitten when she drops her bag.


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