Lovely Seasons Poem Class 4 Spring Chapter 13

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Lovely Seasons

The first month of the year is January,
Followed by a cold and foggy February,
Then comes March with the spring,
And in April blossoms everything,
May and then June are very hot,

Translation : साल का पहला महीना जनवरी है, एक ठंड और धूमिल फरवरी के बाद, फिर वसंत के साथ मार्च आता है, और अप्रैल में सब कुछ खिल जाता है, मई और फिर जून बहुत गर्म होते हैं,

In July and August we see raindrops,
September is the ninth and the tenth October,
Leaves fall as autumn ends in November,
The last month of the year is easy to remember,
Christmas comes in the twelfth month that is December.

Translation : जुलाई और अगस्त में हम बारिश की बूँदें देखते हैं, सितंबर नौवां और दसवां अक्टूबर है, नवंबर में शरद ऋतु समाप्त होते ही पत्तियाँ झड़ जाती हैं, साल का आखिरी महीना याद रखना आसान होता है, क्रिसमस बारहवें महीने यानी दिसंबर में आता है।

Comprehension Questions :

Q.1 : Answer the following questions:

a. Name the month which is cold and foggy.

Ans : February is cold foggy.

b. In which month do flowers blossom?

Ans : In April we have seen the flowers blossom.

c. Name the months which are very hot.

Ans : May and June are very hot.

d. Name the months in which we see rain drops.

Ans : We see raindrops in August.

e. Which is your favourite season and why?

Ans : I love winter because everywhere is so beautiful and fresh.

Word Power :

Q.1 : Look and write : Choose the words from the store house to fill in the blanks given below –

rainyglovessunglasseswoolen capsnow boots
hotraincoatslong bootsmufflerhat

i. It’s hot. Brijesh is wearing a sunglasses, T-shirt, shorts and sandals.

ii. It’s cold. Priti is wearing a gloves, a woolen cap, muffler and snow boots.

iii. It’s rainy. Ramesh is wearing a hat, raincoat, long boots and holding an umbrella.

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