People, Who Help Us

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People Who Help Us

Comprehension Questions

Q.1 : Answer the following questions:

a. Who is Rehana and what does she do?

Ans: Rehana is a shopkeeper, she sells food items and small household goods.

b. What does a plumber do?

Ans: Plumber fits water pipes, taps, etc.

c. What do we call a person who sails boats and ships?

Ans: We call him a sailor.

d. Where does a lawyer plead cases?

Ans: A lawyer pleads cases in the court.

e. What does a computer operator do?

Ans: A computer operator types letters and documents.

f. What is the job of a locopilot?

Ans: A locopilot takes passengers and goods to different places by the train.

Word Power

Q.1 Help Mr. Raghu, the postman to deliver these letters to the right People. Write the correct name in each letter. One has been done for you.

Mr. Ghosh draws plans for buildingsthe architecture
Mr. Das is an officer in the armythe colonel
Miss Lal flies planesthe pilot
Miss Khan is a cook in a big hotelthe chef
Mrs. Rani teaches in a collegethe professor
Mrs. Shah writes stories, novels, etcthe author
Language Practice

Fill in the blanks with the verbs given in the brackets by changing it in Present Indefinite Tense. One is done for you:

a. The child loves to play. (love)
Children love to play. (love)
b. Awani goes to school. (go)
Awani and Adil go to school. (go)
c. My mother takes care of us. (take)
My parents take care of us. (take)
d. He eats fish. (eat)
They eat fish. (eat)


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