कक्षा 8 रेनबो ( अंग्रेजी )

SCERT कक्षा -8 की Rainbow के Another chance , the kabuliwallah , the right choice , a visit to Cambridge, play things, awesome Assam veer Abdul Hamid, the missile man of India , where do all the teachers go , a hero, the old kaki, three questions, planet roll call, the man who gave India wings, the glorious sports women of India, world peace, the school boy आदि  lessons  के exercise का हल प्राप्त करने के लिए सम्बंधित lesson  को चुनें – MasterJEE Online Solutions for Class 8 Rainbow . SCERT up board solutions Angreji .

Solutions for Class 8 Rainbow

1. Another Chance

2.     The Kabuliwallah

3.     The Right Choice

4.     A Visit to Cambridge

5.     Play Things

6.     Awesome Assam

7.     Veer Abdul Hamid

8.     The Missile Man of India

9.     Where Do All the teachers go

10.    a hero

11.    the old kaki

12.    three questions

13.    planets roll call

14.    the man who gave india wings

15.    the glorious sports women of india

16.    world peace

17.    the school boy


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