A Happy Child (Poem) Class 4 Spring Chapter 5

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A Happy Child ( Poem )

My house is red- a little house;
A happy child am I.
I laugh and play and live long day;
I hardly ever cry.

I have a tree, a green-green tree,
To shade me from the sun;
And under it I often sit,
When all my work is done.

Translation :

मेरा घर लाल है- एक छोटा सा घर;
मैं एक खुश बच्चा हूँ।
मैं हंसता हूं और खेलता हूं और लंबा दिन जीता हूं;
मैं शायद ही कभी रोता हूँ।

मेरे पास एक पेड़ है,
मुझे धूप से छाया देने के लिए; एक हरा-हरा पेड़ है,
और उसके नीचे मैं अक्सर बैठता हूँ,
जब मेरा सारा काम हो जाता है।

Comprehension Questions :

Q.1 : Answer the following questions :

(a) : What is the colour of the happy child’s house ?

Ans : The colour of the happy child’s house is red.

(b) : What does the child do all day long ?

Ans : The child laughs and plays all day long.

(c) : Where does the child sit when his work is done ?

Ans : When his work is done, the child sits under the tree.

(d) : What shades the child from the sun ?

Ans : The tree shades the child from the sun.

(e) : How are trees useful to us ?

Ans : Trees give us flowers, fruits, wood, shade etc., so they are very useful to us.

word power :

Q.1 : Make group of words that go together and write them in the space given below . One has been done for you :

Activity :

Read the following passage and underline the words expressing emotions :

Today is Raju’s birthday. But he is sad as his younger sister Roshni is sick. All the family members except him are in the hospital. He is angry because they have not taken him along.

It is night time. He is feeling sleepy. Suddenly he heard a knock at the door. He got scared. He opened the door and was happy to see Roshni along with all the family members.

Now relate the underlined words with emojis given below and write these emotions against them :

😀 ………………… happy

🙁 ………………… sad

😴 ………………… sleepy

🤒 …………………. sick

😡 …………………. angry

😱 …………………. scared

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