Thank You God

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Thank You God

For all the things around us, big and small
For all the creatures on this earth, short and tall,
For the lovely blue sky, the sun, the moon and all,
Almighty God! We thank You and to you we call.

Translation : हमारे आस-पास की सभी बड़ी और छोटी चीजों के लिए, इस पृथ्वी पर सभी छोटे और लम्बे प्राणियों के लिए, प्यारे नीले आकाश, सूरज, चाँद और सभी के लिए, हे सर्वशक्तिमान ईश्वर! हम आपको धन्यवाद देते हैं |

Bless each one of us, in Your name as we pray,
Give us love, kindness and courage day by day,
May we live in peace and harmony, where we stay,
Give us the strength to serve You, come what may.

Translation : आपके नाम से, जैसा कि हम प्रार्थना करते हैं, हम में से प्रत्येक को आशीर्वाद दें, हमें दिन-ब-दिन प्यार, दया और साहस दो जिससे हम जहां रहें, शांति और सद्भाव से रहें, चाहे कुछ भी हो जाए हमें आपकी सेवा करने की शक्ति दें।

Be with us O God! In what we say and do,
Accept this prayer, O God! We bow down to you.

Translation : हे भगवान! हमारे साथ रहो, हम जो कहते और करते हैं, हे भगवान! हम आपको नमन करते हैं, उसमें इस प्रार्थना को स्वीकार करो |

Exercise ( अभ्यास )
Comprehension Questions :

Q.1 : Answer the following questions –

(a) What are the things for which we should thank God ?

Ans – We should thank God for all the thing around us , all the creature on the earth and all the things in the whole universe .

(b) What are we asking God to give us ?

Ans – We are asking God to give us love , kindness and courage day by day .

(c) What does ‘Live in peace and harmony’ mean ?

Ans – Live in peace and harmony means , we should not fight each others but we should cooperate each others.

(d) Why does the poet want strength ?

Ans – The poet wants strength to serve God in every situation .

(e) What does the world ‘Almighty’ mean in the poem ?

Ans – The word ‘Almighty’ means having power to do everything .

Q.1 : Complete the given stanza from the poem :

For all the things around us , big and small , For all the creatures on the earth , short and tall , For the lovely blue sky , the sun ,the moon and all , Almighty God ! We thank you and to you we call .

Word Power :

Q.1 : Fill in the letters to form meaningful words given in the poem –

(a) harmony       (b) kindness 

(c) peace            (d) creature       

(e) courage        (f) almighty


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