Be an audio translator. Listen, type. Convert voice to word. Jump start your career by becoming an internationally certified transcriber. Cater to the needs of various American companies and be paid in dollars. And all this from home !!!

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10 Key Typing

Learn the fastest way of typing. Know how to use all 10 fingers to type. Become a globally recognized typist and be certified by the Typing Institute of America. Open new employment opportunities and work from home or office with increased efficiency.

Rs. 4999.00 Rs. 2499.00
Typing Lessons & Certification

Typing Lessons & Certification

Over 1,000,000 people from all over the world have taken this lesson to improve their typing skills and job prospects. Now you can get this US certification and become eligible for jobs in Indian companies and virtual jobs for companies worldwide.

Rs. 7999.00 Rs. 3999.00

Welcome to Masterjee

MasterJeeOnline is here to answer all your professional needs. We provide you with online tutoring and globally recognised certifications in typing, transcription and SEO.


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SEO  Training

SEO Training

Be a professional at internet marketing. Know how to make your website search engine friendly and dominate the net user hits on your site. Be a pro with the simple yet challenging online course from
GMR Webteam.

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